Finding the right logo or brand graphic is daunting when your budge is limited and you don’t personally know graphic design.  I just obtained a logo I love at an affordable price through 99 designs, an online service that pairs thousands of graphic artists with businesses and organizations that need marketing designs.

As a customer I bought the lowest priced package – $299 (one third of what a commercial graphic designer would have charged) and in return I was given the tools to launch a contest that attracted graphic designers in their database.  Designers can read the information about what I want and choose to submit a design or just watch and see what others submit.  Once a design is submitted, the customer can look at the designers portfolio, ratings from other customers and even message back and forth with the designer about adjustments to the submitted design.

Within four days I had three designs submitted, and the third one submitted – by shanashay – worked.  What she submitted wasn’t a perfect fit, but I knew SHE was the one who connected with what I wanted.  I asked her (via 99designs messaging feature) to make some changes which she did.  Then I asked my core group of Travel Hags (those who have been on our tours) what they thought. They suggested the hag not look so skinny and perhaps have a glass of wine in her hand and some food nearby and maybe even a box of chocolates.  I tossed this idea out to shanashay and she added them.

Travel Hag Logo by shanashay from 99 designs

Once I named shanashay the winner of the contest, 99 Designs charged my credit card, shanashay got paid, and I received the graphic and the copyrights within minutes.  It was an easy process and I am a satisfied customer.

Today 99 Designs claims it has paid $1.4 Million in designer payouts this month.

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