Haunted EastonMindie Burgoyne will lead Ghost WalkS through the Town of Easton as part of her Chesapeake Ghost Walk series.  Cost is $15 per person, $9 for kids between 8 and 12.  The walk will cover several downtown block in Easton’s historic district.  Sites on the tour will include the Talbot County Court House and jail, Tidewater Inn, Avalon Theater, the old Easton hospital, the former “Home of the Friendless” which once served as an Eastern Shore orphanage.  The walk will also include a Victorian B&B that mysteriously caught fire a few years back.

The walk will last approximately one hour. During the walk, Mindie Burgoyne, who is also author of the book Haunted Eastern Shore Ghostly Tales from East of the Chesapeake, will share information about Easton’s haunted history as well as what people say today about the ghosts that still hang around.  “I have never spoken to a staff person in the Tidewater Inn who didn’t have a personal encounter with – or at least know about Mr. Grymes” Burgoyne states.  Mr Grymes is a popular Easton ghost.

When the old Avalon Hotel – a Victorian hotel that once occupied the same site as the Tidewater Inn – burned down in 1944, the space on the corner of Dover and Harrison Streets remained vacant until 1947 when Arthur J. Grymes, Jr. broke ground for a new – all brick – hotel.  The Tidewater Inn was completed in 1949 and operated under Mr. Grymes’ guidance.  He carefully ran the hotel until the day he died.  But hotel staff from cooks, to bellman, to General Managers have all claimed to see Mr. Grymes walking the halls, climbing the stairs and entering the lobby.

The Tidewater Inn is just one of the haunted properties on the walk.  The Avalon Theater and stories of a ghost that rides the elevator will also be a highlight.  And the old Home of the Friendless that was formerly a large house where orphans from all over the Eastern Shore were placed.

Other places on the Easton Ghost Walk include the old Talbot jail, the Talbot Courthouse, the Odd Fellows Hall, Easton Emergency Hospital, Spring Hill Cemetery, Foxley Hall, John McDaniel House and Home of the Friendless.

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