Chesapeake Ghost Walks

Chesapeake Ghost Walks Crafted by Mindie Burgoyne

Chesapeake Ghost WalksChesapeake Ghost Walks is the largest cluster of regional ghost walks in America.  The Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake, famous for its heritage, historic towns, fabulous food, outdoor recreation and gorgeous Atlantic beaches is a regional tourist destination on par with the Outer Banks, Down East Maine, Cape Cod and Napa Valley.  From the horse country up Upper Cecil County to historic Cape Charles, VA and from Ocean City to Annapolis, the Eastern shore has nearly 2000 square miles of historic towns, pristine waterways, marshes, forests and beaches that welcome the traveler.  And the landscape holds much of the charm that it did 300 years ago when the Eastern Shore was first settled.

Mindie Burgoyne, author of  Haunted Eastern Shore: Ghostly Tales from East of the Chesapeake has crafted over one dozen ghost walks through historic towns on the Eastern Shore.  Each walk as been carefully researched and digs deep into the town’s ghostly history, haunted properties and tales of the dead. When guests finish the tour, they’ll know the town and they’ll know the ghosts.

For complete information on the ghost tours, locations, schedules and ticket purchase visit the Chesapeake Ghost Walks website.

NEW FOR THE WINTER – Local bus tours to country sites
The Ghost Walks through Eastern Shore towns are great fun, but in January and February we adding three ghost tours by bus to the many haunted sites outside these “walkable” towns.  It will also keep us out of the cold weather for those months.
January 11th – Bus Tour of Lower Dorchester
February 8th – Talbot & Caroline
March 1 – Lower Shore – Somerset County

Excerpt from Haunted Eastern Shore by Mindie Burgoyne

The Eastern Shore has no big cities – only small historic towns, rolling farmland and thousands of miles of shoreline.  Residents and visitors alike feel the difference instantly as soon as their cars leave the Bay Bridge and land on the shores of Queen Anne’s County.  The pace slows.  The land spreads out in front of you.  The sky gets bigger, and tidal water is never very far away.

It’s the largest contiguous piece of agricultural land between Maine and Florida  and the bones of the old plantations still creep up through the landscape, some still supporting the historic homes that have stood watch through social changes.  Even the marshes, the swamps and winding waterways have been left largely untouched, and the phantom spirits of those long gone are comfortable to linger there.

The wide open spaces and expansive vistas, uncluttered by modern development, have left room for the ghosts of the past to wander – leaving space where spirits still feel at home in the land where they walked, laughed, lived, loved and died.  Some unrestful, some at peace, their presence is felt by nearly everyone that allows themselves to listen or look for them.  Some souls who lived as heroes, some as villains, some ghosts unremembered – nameless, and some known only by their quirky method of reaching into the living world – the ghosts of the Eastern Shore are quite alive.

Towns featured in the Chesapeake Ghost Walk series are Cambridge, Easton, Crisfield, Denton, Snow Hill, Pocomoke City, Ocean City, Berlin, Marion Station, Princess Anne, St. Michaels and Salisbury.  Intended new walks for 2014 – Smith Island, Chincoteague, Onancock, and Gumboro.


  Haunted Eastern Shore by Mindie BurgoyneMindie Burgoyne, author of Haunted Eastern Shore: Ghostly Tales from East of the Chesapeake leads these walking tours through scenic historic towns in the Chesapeake region. She will highlight some of the town’s stories included in her book and will also share town history, legends, ghost stories, alleged hauntings and tales of the dead.  She personally crafts each ghost walk doing the research by conducting personal interviews, studying each town’s history through books, old newspaper articles, oral commentary and the folklore collection in the Nabb Research Center at Salisbury University.  She will point out places for where others have snapped digital images and seen apparitions and oddities.






Chesapeake Ghost Walks
Chesapeake Ghost Walks


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