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Camping for Beginners – never been? Go for it!

Camping for Beginners – never been?  Go for it!

Revving up for our Travel Hag Campout this weekend in Janes Island, I discovered many of my hag friends have never been camping and are daunted my the thought of living outside with bugs and dirt with no place to pee. Camping is easy, especially with the great gear available […]


I Want to Be a Camping Snob

My Hagman fishing at our campsite on the shores of Lake Pend 'Orielle in Northern Idaho

  Many of my friends show interest when I mention Dan and I love the outdoors.  We kayak, fly fish, hike and explore the hidden landscapes along less-traveled back roads. But in some circles, when I mention camping, the conversation slows – even stops. Then I hear that worn-out, heard-it-a-million-times […]