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Burgoyne Christmas Letter 2016

Burgoyne Christmas Letter 2016

December 14, 2016 Merry Christmas from Marion Station, our little remnant of an old railroad town on the Eastern Shore. It’s quiet here, and now that the tourists have gone, I can sometimes drive the seven miles out to the highway without seeing a single car. The only sounds here […]


Aunt Chi-Chi’s Christmas Crack (bacon crackers)

Aunt Chi-Chi's Christmas Crack - Bacon Crackers

  This most delicious appetizer is made from 3 simple ingredients – brown sugar, bacon and Club crackers. They are a tradition at our house for every Christmas party and they’re so addictive — you can’t stop eating them — my travel hag girlfriends nicknamed it “Christmas Crack.”It doesn’t matter if […]


Why Hags Love Christmas at Mount Vernon

Why Hags Love Christmas at Mount Vernon

  Travel hags and all females love Christmas at Mount Vernon just like they love cooking shows, fashion, decorating ideas, gardening, celebrating (especially with girlfriends), shopping, chocolate, hot hunky men in uniforms, and listening to a good romantic story. Christmas at Mount Vernon Christmas at Mount Vernon – a venue […]


Christmas at Mount Vernon – Catch the Christmas Spirit

Mount Vernon Camel at Christmas - photo by army.arch @ Flickr

  Christmas at Mount Vernon is a program at the famous estate of George Washington that offers the visitor an authentic 18th century Christmas experience. It runs the full Christmas season from the day after Thanksgiving to the Epiphany (January 6). Mount Vernon is beautiful all year long with its […]