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Travel Tips – how tos

Get the Lowest Hotel Room Rate – It’s HOW you ask

Westin Harbor Castle Hotel - Toronto Canada

Who knew that language mattered when negotiating a hotel room price?  When quoted a rate for a hotel room, ask if that is the lowest rate for that time frame.  Language matters.  According to three hotel reservation clerks I interviewed, reservation desks are only required to give you the lowest […]


5 Tips for Planning Your First Trip to Ireland

Matt Molloy's Pub - Westport, Co. Mayo

Once a month I get an email or blog comment  requesting tips for planning a first visit to Ireland.  The most common question I get is “I’m going to Ireland. What should I see?” There are few travel destinations that I like to talk about more than Ireland, so I […]


Camping for Beginners – never been? Go for it!

Camping for Beginners – never been?  Go for it!

Revving up for our Travel Hag Campout this weekend in Janes Island, I discovered many of my hag friends have never been camping and are daunted my the thought of living outside with bugs and dirt with no place to pee. Camping is easy, especially with the great gear available […]


Kayaking – How Difficult is it?

Kayaking – How Difficult is it?

This week, a friend interested in attending our Travel Hag Campout expressed hesitation about kayaking.  She’s over 50, never been kayaking and isn’t a strong swimmer.  Because I knew the trail at Janes Island was calm, and that she’d be with about a dozen paddlers – and would have all […]