Eastern Shore Mosquitoes are Shy Around the OFF! Clip On

OFF! Clip-on Mosquito Repellent Fans

In Somerset County we’re used to mosquitoes being around all day.  They are ruthless attackers looking for any exposed skin.  I don’t mind the bite as much as I hate the one week of itching and scratching that follows.  Most of us have cans of insect repellant by the doors or on the porch in our homes because it’s necessary to spray yourself and the children before going outdoors.

When I saw these OFF! Clip-on Mosquito Repellent fans I laughed thinking they’d be no match for our mosquitoes.  The little battery operated fan comes with a refillable insert that is pressed over the fan.  When the fan is turned on it blows through the insert and creates a cloud of repellant around you that repels mosquitoes.  It also does NOT use DEET.  It comes with everything you need to start using it – including the batteries.  The repellent lasts for up to 12 hours according to the package. The fan is lightweight and easy to clip on.  There are different sizes.  I tested both.

I bought one large and one small and tried them both in two locations – our front yard and the Frisco Woods Campground in the Outer Banks.   In both places, both fans worked quite well – so long as you didn’t move much.  I clipped one on and sat outside on our veranda. I was not bitten or even bothered by mosquitoes.  I went out into the garden with the fan clipped on my waisteband and noticed my lower calves were getting bit.  So I clipped in on my boot and my neck was getting bit.  Same thing happened in OBX. I thought it strange that the fan’s proximity to the “biting location” was a factor when I was moving…  but not a factor when I was still.

Then I read the package.  It seems that when you are still, the repellant has time to build up around your body and stay like a coating around you.  When you move that shell is interrupted.  The less moving, the better the protection. The fans worked well inside a tent.  My husband and grandson ran them all night, and it kept mosquitoes that may have gotten trapped in the tent away from them while they were sleeping.

So if you’re in a highly infested mosquito region like the marshes on the Eastern Shore, and you want to sit outside and relax, the OFF! Clip-on Fan is a great alternative to the spray.  But if you’re actively working in the garden, walking briskly or participating in a sport – I’d recommend dragging out the DEET.




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