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Hipmunk Ranks Flight and Hotel Options By “AGONY”

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Best Options, One Screen, Easy Peasy

Hipmunk is a travel app for your smartphone that takes the agony out of the search for flights and hotel rooms.  It ranks the options it returns not by price, but by least agonizing option. In a day when there is  NOTHING good about flying – except getting there faster – Hipmunk recognizes that price is only one part of the messy process.  Layovers, flight changes, long travel times, and departure / return times factor into the choices people want to consider.  Hipmunk makes choosing the best value easy.

Everyone wants the cheapest flight running at the best time of day with few layovers and changes. But the Mega-travel portals that deliver 5 to 7 aggregate listings of options all in separate pop-up windows (I used to find these windows hours later behind some program screen). All these choices in different windows make for a messy process and leave the user wondering, “Did I really get the best deal?”

Hipmunk cuts out the  garbage, delivers one list that a user can rank by price, arrival time, departure, by travel time or by AGONY – or the amount of crap you have to go through such as changing flights and layovers.

From Your Smart Phone – Search, Choose & Book in Minutes

It took me exactly 30 seconds to enter in my flight needs for travel to Toronto in June.  I punched in my departure location (BWI) and Toronto for my arrival city.  I used Hipmunk’s calendar graphic to punch May 31st which populated the Departure field and then June 3rd which populated the Return field (no typing).  Then POOF!  I was given a list of flights sorted by the least agonizing  which was a direct 1 hour and 44 minute flight for $447  on Air Canada to the most agonizing which was a 3 hour 39 minute duration that included a flight change in Philly with a 55 minute layover for $1014 on US Airways.

Actually, the MOST agonizing choice was just below that US Airways flight.  It was 15 hour 48 minute train ride on Amtrack (with WiFi) from Baltimore Penn Station right into the heart of the Toronto City Center for $331. I chose the Air Canada flight listed as LEAST agonizing and was given the choice to book it directly through Air Canada or through Orbitz – both for $447.  I first looked at the Air Canada choice. It took me to the Air Canada online booking system and had things on it I didn’t understand like flex and latitude and there were many choices.  I went back two screens and found the Orbitz choice which took me to a screen that simply let me choose the $447 choice I saw on Hipmunk.  I clicked the options to book.  Put in my US Airways Master Card number and booked the flight.

All in all – 15 minutes.  Just for kicks I got on line, went through the same process with several of the aggregate flight search engines and got the same prices with many more screens and confusion.

Hotel Booking – Quick, Thorough, Simple

The hotel booking was equally as simple.  On the first screen I punched in the address of where the TBEX conference will be held – then hit the appropriate dates for check-in / check-out dates on the calendar provided.  In seconds Hipmunk delivered a map of downtown Toronto near my conference venue and the available rooms in the vicinity.  Each hotel was identified by a colored dot – GREEN for cheep ($125 or less – and there were NO green dots in Toronto for those dates)… BLUE for average and RED for pricey ($226 and up).  Touching the colored dot identifies the hotel and price and review rating, so one can quickly view several hotel stats by quickly tapping the dots.  A second screen takes the user to a hotel registration screen with two choices – book online (link provided) or hit a button to call the hotel from the smart phone you’re using.

Can you say EASY?

Hipmunk is the easiest, fastest and most comprehensive travel app I’ve ever used for flight and hotels.

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