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40 Halloween Ghost Tours Offered on Maryland’s Eastern Shore

MARION STATION, MD (October 1, 2015)  Chesapeake Ghost Walks is conducting over forty Halloween ghost tours in ten historic towns on Maryland’s Eastern Shore in October. The ghost tours spread across eighty linear miles in five counties situated east of the Chesapeake Bay. By day the landscape there is wide open and flat, rich with farmland, marshes, rivers and massive blue skies. But at night – a hauntingly powerful nightscape emerges with moonlit swamps and stark fields framed by the silhouettes of loblolly pines. The bones of the old plantations rise up, and the spirits of sea captains, slaves, soldiers, and townspeople come forth.

Author and company owner, Mindie Burgoyne states that few people outside Maryland and Delaware know about the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake. “Millions rush through it on their way to the Atlantic beaches” she said. “But most don’t realize … Read Full Release


History Press Releases 3rd Book by Mindie Burgoyne

MARION STATION, MD (August 24, 2015) The History Press has released the latest book of spooky tales by local author Mindie Burgoyne, “The Haunted Mid-Shore: Spirits of Caroline, Dorchester and Talbot Counties.”
The book features 25 tales set in Maryland’s Mid-Shore region, including “Mary’s Ghost at Old Salty’s,” “The Witches of Plain Dealing,” “Spirits from the Underground Railroad at Linchester Mill” and Burgoyne’s personal account of a scary night spent at the Robert Morris Inn in Oxford — the property that is featured on the book’s cover.
From 5 to 7 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 29, Burgoyne will sign copies of “The Haunted Mid-Shore” at the Robert Morris Inn.

In addition, a ghost walk of St. Michaels sponsored by Burgoyne’s ghost tour company, Chesapeake Ghost Walks, is scheduled for 8 p.m. Saturday. Tickets can be purchased online at www.chesapeakeghostwalks.com.

Burgoyne has written five books, including “The Haunted Eastern Shore,” which has sold more than 10,000 copies since its publication in 2009.   Read Full Release


24 October Ghost Walks on the Eastern Shore

MARION STATION, MD (October 2, 2014) – Chesapeake Ghost Walks, a company that operates a series of year-round ghost walks on the Eastern Shore has scheduled 24 walks for the month of October in 10 historic Eastern Shore towns. Additionally, the company is offering three “inside” tours of the Vance Miles House, the haunted house that is owned by author and company founder, Mindie Burgoyne. Living in a haunted house is what spurred Burgoyne on to writing about ghosts and haunting which led to starting the ghost walk company.

Towns featured in the October series include Berlin, Pocomoke, Snow Hill and Ocean City – all in Worcester County and Princess Anne and Crisfield in Somerset County.  Ghost walks within an hour’s drive of the Bay Bridge are Cambridge, Denton, St. Michaels and Easton. There are three towns that even have walks on Halloween night – Snow Hill, Berlin and Easton, which includes a “midnight walk.”  Read Full Release



Chesapeake Ghost Walks Win 2013 Heritage Award for Best New Heritage Initiative

Largest regional cluster of heritage walks in America

MARION STATION (March 24, 2014)  Chesapeake Ghost Walks, a new company offering ghost tours on Delmarva will receive the Best New Heritage Initiative award for 2013 given by the Lower Eastern Shore Heritage Council (LESHC) at their Annual Meeting on March 27th.  The award recognizes new events or products begun in the previous year that educate the public by expanding understanding of the region’s rich heritage.  Chesapeake Ghost Walks is a series of 12 separate walks through historic towns on Maryland’s Eastern Shore that tell the haunted history of that town and get visitors into the historic landscape, close to the buildings, learning about how that town was formed and who the town heroes and villains were … especially if said heroes and villains are still lurking around.  Read complete release

Chesapeake Ghost Walks – Tour Business Launched

Author of Haunted Eastern Shore spins off a new company – Largest regional ghost walks in America

MARION STATION, MD (March 1, 2014) – Mindie Burgoyne, author of Haunted Eastern Shore: Ghostly Tales from East of the Chesapeake (The History Press, 2009) has just launched a new business – Chesapeake Ghost Walks which is reported to be the largest cluster of regional ghost walks in America.  During 2013, Burgoyne started crafting ghost walks in small towns on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.  They were overwhelmingly popular.  By the end of the year she had created ghost walks in 12 historic towns and 3 bus tours that covered the more rural areas on the Eastern Shore. In total she conducted over 40 tours that attracted over 1000 guests. All but 4 tours were sold out and only three were cancelled due to weather.   Read Full Release

Chesapeake Ghost Walk Series just in Time for Halloween

Author of Haunted Eastern Shore Leads 12 Walks on Delmarva

MARION STATION, MD (October 1, 2013) – The elusive Eastern Shore of Maryland is an amazing place to visit in October with such famous ghosts as Big Lizz, Wish Sheppard, William Aydelotte of the Snow Hill Inn and Patty Cannon.  This month, Mindie Burgoyne, author of Haunted Eastern Shore: Ghostly Tales from East of the Chesapeake will lead ghost walks through 8 historic towns on the Shore as part of her Chesapeake Ghost Walk series.  The eight walks in October will feature scary tales associated with over 60 sites in 5 counties.  One of those sites is Burgoyne’s own haunted house – and on that tour, the guests are invited inside for a personal experience.     Read Full Release




MARION STATION, MD  – On Friday, August 23rd at 7:30 pm, author Mindie Burgoyne will lead a ghost walk through the City of Crisfield that will feature 7 Victorian houses in the historic area around Main Street and Somerset Avenue.  The houses on Somerset Avenue include   Marquis Manor, Cedarcroft, the McCready House and Gossamer.  The Orrie Lee Tawes House and the Ananias Crockett Houses  – both on Main Street will also be featured. Then the childhood home of Governor J. Millard Tawes and the home of seafood baron Richard Christie on Asbury Avenue are also included. Guests will not go inside but will stand outside where Burgoyne will give a brief history and tell about unexplained events that are associated with each house.  Read Full Release



AUGUST 5, 2013 – RELEASE – OCEAN CITY GHOST WALK – First Ghost Walk to be held in the City on the Sand

MARION STATION, MD (August 5, 2013)  – On Friday, August 9th and Saturday, August 10th, author Mindie Burgoyne will lead a 1.5 mile ghost walk through the lower historic part of Ocean City.  This will be the eighth Eastern Shore ghost walk in the Chesapeake Ghost Walk series she launched in January of this year.  Burgoyne will have researched and crafted nine walking tours focused on folklore, hauntings and tales of the dead by the end of 2013.  “Ocean City” she says, “was the most difficult to research and the most rewarding.”  Read Full Release



MARION STATION, MD (April 16, 2013)  – 32 people attended a Ghost Walk in Crisfield on April 13th led by Mindie Burgoyne, of Marion Station. Later that night LeeAnn Linton, a guest on the tour, posted a ghostly photo she took to Burgoyne’s Facebook page, and over 9000 people viewed and shared it. The picture created such an interest in haunted Crisfield that Burgoyne has scheduled a second Ghost Walk for Friday, May 3rd at 7:00 pm.

Mindie Burgoyne is the author of Haunted Eastern Shore: Ghostly Tales from East of the Chesapeake and she’s been doing ghost tours around the Eastern Shore since her book was published in 2009.  This year she developed the Chesapeake Ghost Walks, a series of walking tours focused on nine historic towns on the Shore. Crisfield is the third walk in the series. Upcoming walks include Snow Hill, Berlin, Pocomoke, Ocean City, Princess Anne and Denton.

Burgoyne states, “We sold out three ghost walks in Easton and two in Cambridge.  I knew the Crisfield walk would do well, but being such a small town I didn’t expect it to sell out or to do a second tour. Once that picture hit Facebook, we had huge exposure.”

LeeAnn Linton shot the image in front of the Orrie Lee Tawes House on Main Street, a white Victorian with a round tower built by a Crisfield merchant in 1895.  The picture has two shadowy figures in the foreground, but the 82 commenting Facebook fans pointed out other figures, including children that appear in the windows, doorways and a bride on the porch. Burgoyne says she didn’t even have a haunted story about the Tawes House. “We pass it on the way to the Crockett House. I stopped in front of it to say that strange things have show up in pictures of this house, and I showed a picture of the house on my iPad. LeeAnn snapped her picture while I was saying that.”

Other stops on the tour included Cedar Croft, Gossamer, the Tawes Library, Marquis Manor, the Corbin Library and the Crisfield Cemetery.  Guests came from as far away as Easton, Ocean City and Girdletree. Burgoyne gave all guests a map with each location noted, including sites that are nearby but not on the walking route.  Those included the Ira Todd House, the LaVallette House, Old Island, and McCready Hospital. The map also identified four sites in Marion Station including Burgoyne’s own house.  Stories for those sites are on her website.

The folklore collection at the Nabb research center was Burgoyne’s primary resource for crafting these Ghost Walks.  She also read dozens of books, scanned vertical files, photos and newspapers in the public libraries, and conducted over one hundred interviews. The tours are packed with local history. “When you tell real-life stories, it’s important to put characters in the proper setting” Burgoyne states. “Crisfield is such a fun Walk because of its rich history.  What other town has a cast of characters like the Coasting Captain, Dr. RR Norris, Governor Tawes, Miss Adeline Hall, Richard Christy and Old Ailsey?”

People interested in joining the tour on May 3rd can find more information at www.travelhag.com or on the Haunted Eastern Shore Facebook page. Advanced registration is required.

CONTACT:  Mindie Burgoyne – tours@travelhag.com


FEBRUARY 16 – PHOTOGRAPHY COACHING WITH ED REMSBERG RESCHEDULED TO MARCH 23rd – Due to inclement weather, the Ed Remsberg Photography workshop has been rescheduled to March 23rd.  Same time (9:00 – 12:00 noon) and same place – Eastern Neck Wildlife Refuge.  Afternoon Tea at the Inn at Huntingfield Creek will also take place after the workshop.


FEBRUARY 16 – PHOTOGRAPHY COACHING WITH ED REMSBERG – Maryland photographer, Edwin Remsberg will spend from 9:00 to noon offering advice and tips on taking better travel photographs to attendees of the Photography Day Travel Hag Adventure.  The session will be held outdoors at Eastern Neck National Wildlife Refuge which is located just south of Rock Hall in Kent County, Maryland.  The refuge has over 200 species of birds and waterfowl as well as eleven miles of shoreline and nine miles of open trails.  Cost is $50 to attend the full session.  The Inn at Huntingfield Creek is sponsoring the event and will provide the attendees with afternoon tea just after the session.  Ed Remsberg is notable for his photographs of Maryland – particularly agricultural scenes.  He is also the co-author of several books including Maryland’s Vanishing Lives and Dishing Up Maryland.



JAN 22 /24TH – RELEASE FROM THE ST MICHAELS BUSINESS ASSOCIATION (SMBA) – SOCIAL MEDIA WORKSHOPS LED BY MINDIE BURGOYNE – The SMBA is delighted to announce the details of the first of a series of technology seminars the marketing committee will be offering monthly. On Tues Jan 22 Mindie Burgoyne will be presenting Social Media I from 10-12 at the St Michaels Public Library and on Thurs Jan 24 she will be presenting Social Media II, also from 10-12 at the Harbortown Resort.

Both events are sponsored by the Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development and are FREE to all interested in attending.  Those interested in attending either one or both of these fabulous sessions should email (Capt Iris) to reserve your spot. Seats are limited on a first come first serve basis: sailselina@aol.com

Jan 22 Session I – Leveraging Social Media Networks to Grow Your Business or Brand  – 1/22 St Michaels Public Library  An overview of the Big 5 Platforms – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and Blogging, and a strategy for using those platforms to increase business revenues. This session is the first in a series of three seminars that give a comprehensive look at all five of the major social media platforms -Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and blogging as tools for growing a small business.  Session includes a broad overview of how the five platforms work, what strengths they have and how they differ from each other.  Also includes how to focus on the power of the platforms and developing a strategy for how to use them for maximum results.
Complete Seminar outline

Jan 24 Session II – Using FaceBook and LinkedIn – 1/24 – Harbortown Resort
Focus on Facebook and LinkedIn with particular focus on Facebook Pages and LinkeIn Pages, and how to use these platforms to grow a business. Viral Networking Session II is a STRATEGY session for using Facebook and LinkedIn. While the role of social media in growing your business is briefly recapped, the main thrust of this session is an in-depth presentation on how to leverage the Facebook and LinkedIn social networks you’ve created to bring about result.  This is a good session for those that have signed on to LinkedIn and created a Facebook page, but don’t know what to do next. Facebook PAGES,  GROUPS and PAID ADS are covered as well as GROUPS and ANSWERS in LinkedIn.

View Seminar outline

Mindie Burgoyne is a professional speaker who specializes in helping people learn how to harness the power of platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and blogging to help their businesses grow and thrive.  These seminars are free and being provided by the Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development (a $1,000 package, your tax dollars at work)  Mindie Burgoyne’s Bio

If you would like to attend either one or both of these fabulous sessions please email (Capt Iris) to reserve your spot.  Seats are limited on a first come first serve basis:  sailselina@aol.com

And bring your computer with you if you have a portable.  We are so excited!




1/1/2013 – January Ghost Walk of Cambridge – Led by Mindie Burgoyne
On January 26th from 5 pm to 7 pm, Mindie Burgoyne, author of Haunted Eastern Shore: Ghostly Tales from East of the Chesapeake will lead a 2 hour Ghost Walk of Cambridge along High Street and the Wharf.  Burgoyne will tell ghostly tales about hauntings at the Richardson Maritime Museum, Christ Church Cemetery, LaCompte House and numerous other houses along High Street. At the end of High Street, Burgoyne will stop at the wharf and recount tales of Big Lizz, Patty Cannon, Shoal Creek Manor and Blackbeard.  Cost is $15.  Register online.




12/21/12 – Christmas at Mount Vernon – Travel Hag Adventure
Mindie Burgoyne led a group of “girlfriends” on a Travel Hag Adventure to Mount Vernon, Virginia.  This overnight excursion included dinner in Old Town Alexandria at King Street Blues with an overnight stay in Mount Vernon.  Day two began with a privately guided tour of the 50 acre Mount Vernon estate, mansion, educational center, gardens and outbuildings and concluded with lunch at The Wharf in Old Town and Christmas Shopping until the stores closed.  Attendees came from Dover DE, Easton, Falls Church, VA, Prince Georges and Montgomery County MD.




12/1/2012 – Mindie Burgoyne is featured on Jan Bowman’s Writers Blog
Jan Bowman is a Maryland writer who runs a blog with a Writer’s Talk section where she features others writers publishing interviews with the writers who speak on how they write, the business of writing, writing inspiration and more.  MIndie Burgoyne was featured in a two-part post published in November.

Part One: Mindie discusses how she thinks Haunted Eastern Shore became so successful, and why she’s writing about thin places in Ireland.

Part Two: Mindie gives candid opinions on how she feels about the state of book publishing today, and discusses her success using social media platforms.



9/01/2012 – Mindie Burgoyne Leads tour of Ireland’s Mystical (thin) Places
Mindie Burgoyne leads the second annual tour to thin places in the west of Ireland.  Thin places are sites where the veil between this world and the eternal world is thin.  Sept 8-16.  $1690 per person (land) Full brochure

Mindie Burgoyne in Shore Woman magazine4/05/2012 Mindie Burgoyne featured in Shore Woman Magazine in the “Women to Watch” section  –
Shore Woman Magazine highlights Mindie’s career in publishing, writing, business development as well as her life in the Eastern Shore community.  Download full article

2/14/2012 – Blogging for Business Seminar Led by Mindie Burgoyne
Mindie Burgoyne will offer a three-hour session on using the blogging platform to grow a small business.
Blogging for Business Press Release

Mindie Burgoyne speaks about Thin Places on the Irish Fireside podcast.  The Irish Fireside, America’s most popular podcast on travel to Ireland, interviewed Mindie Burgoyne on thin places in Ireland. This episode is covers her take on off-the-beaten-path destinations in Ireland where the veil between this world and the eternal world is “thin.”  Find podcast at the Irish Fireside Episode 115 page.