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Winners of the Travel Hag Photo Contest

Travel Hag Photo ContestMeet our Top 5 and Most Popular winners of the Travel Hag Photo Contest. Participants were asked to enter photos of women in the act of travel. 54 photo images were entered, and a panel of 10 judges scored the entries on a scale of 1 to 10 in each of three categories – photographic excellence, subject focus (women traveling) and creativity. Judge’s points for each photo were added together to give photos an individual, cumulative score in all categories. The top 5 overall scores determined the winners. The Most Popular Photo was determined by the number of LIKES attained on the Travel Hag Facebook Page

Winners were just shipped their prizes provided by Homemade Hippie and their Hag Gear – (hag bag and hag tag).


Who Were the Judges of the Travel Hag Photo Contest?

Lara English – blogger – sponsor – Homemade Hippie and Lara’s Mommy Talk

Liza Hawkins, Frederick, MD – food blogger – blog is (a)Musing Foodie

Andrea Vernot, Cambridge, MD – Armchair Aviatrix, travel / food blogger – Airfare America

Martha McCartney, Whitby Island, WA – Poet, Photographer – Lillie Savage

Bernadette Bowman, Chestertown, MD Director of the Kent County Office of Tourism and Economic Development

Shari Sack, Dover, DE  – Core Travel Hag

Karen Mordus, Dover, DE – Core Travel Hag

Christie Woodard, Easton, MD – Core Travel Hag

Dan Burgoyne – Marion Station, MD – Hagmaster

Mindie Burgoyne – Marion Station, MD – The Travel Hag


The Winning Photos


#1 Winning photograph – Hag Trip to Baltimore

Submitted by Brigitte Gavas. of Delaware  (pictured at the top of the photo). 246 points

The photo was taken by Travel Hag, Beverly Woods in the historic Hotel Brexton in during the 2012 Travel Hag St. Patrick’s Day Adventure in Baltimore.  This hotel was once an apartment building and one of its more famous residents was Wallis Simpson the former Duchess of Windsor (divorcee who married Edward VIII, then he gave up the throne for the woman he loved …).  These three hags (Brigitte, Shari and Karen) are the Delaware Hag contingent. #hagsforlife


Hag Trip to Baltimore
Hag Trip to Baltimore


#2 – Wanderlust Women

Submitted by Monica Bansal – 193 points.   We’re hoping to hear from Monica and get the story behind this wonderful pic.  Notice the hag on the ledge!


Wanderlust Women - Because Girls Always Want to Fly High
Wanderlust Women – Because Girls Always Want to Fly High



#3 (tied) – Ahh, New Orleans, Sunday Morning

Submitted by Joy Staniforth (pictured) of Cambridge, MD – photo by Bill Burnette 157 points

The subject of this photo is also the entrant – Joy Staniforth, owner of Joi de Vivre Gallery in Cambridge, MD.  Bill Burnette (her travel companion on this trip) took the photo and wrote this about it:

The photograph was taken in the middle of our two week Southern Comfort Tour 2012.  On Sunday morning, Joy and I walked across the French Quarter in New Orleans for beignets and coffee at the Cafe Du Monde.  We were equally happy but history will always have Joy recorded.


Ahh, New Orleans Sunday Morning
Ahh, New Orleans Sunday Morning


#3 (tied) – Destination Paradise

Submitted by Claudine X. Ypsilon of Austria- 157 points

Claudine is an amateur photographer who loves to photograph Ireland.  Her blog Claudine X Photography and her Facebook Page Picturing Ireland show some of the most gorgeous images of Ireland we’ve ever seen (and we’ve seen plenty).    Claudine had this to say about this winning photo:

I took the picture on the beach in Castlerock, my friend and I were travelling through Ulster, we had just come from the Giant’s Causeway and were on our way to Derry. It was a beautiful sunny day, so we decided to get off the train and take a little break on that beautiful beach. We only had about an hour or so until the next train, but boy was it worth it! The beach in Castlerock is one of the most beautiful beaches in Northern Ireland, Mussenden Temple is just up the cliff and I heard scenes for the TV series “Game Of Thrones” were filmed here, as well!

Destination Paradise
Destination Paradise by Claudine X. Ypsilon



#5 – Finally Got My Vacation

Submitted by Jacqueline LeBlanc of Illinois. 156 points

We loved this photo from the day Jacqueline submitted it and kept it as the album cover on Facebook for a few weeks.  Jacqueline runs a blog called Little Mom on the Prairie and she said this of the photo:

 …it was taken on my one and only vacation. I got to go away for a weekend to Chesapeake Bay for 2 days! It was overcast and cold but I didn’t care, just to be next to the water (and not at work!) was wonderful!  – (Jacqueline was in Virgina Beach)


I Finally Got My Vacation
I Finally Got My Vacation by Jacqueline LeBlanc



MOST POPULAR – Now Ron, was that a right or left at the big tree?

Submitted by Lisa Ludwig. – recieved 39 LIKES on the Facebook page

Lisa has a blog called Heritage Chick and she is one of the original travel hags who formed a group of traveling girlfriends back in April of 2011 to go kayaking.  Lisa took this photo on that first Travel Hag Adventure which was a kayaking trip on the Pocomoke River.  Pictured are me (Mindie Burgoyne) seated in the kayak – inside Pocomoke River Canoe Company – and Ron Piling, the outfitter who was coaching four women on how to kayak.  I wanted to try out that Old Town Kayak which is why I took a seat there.  I also had a hard cast on my right foot (hidden).  I was reading a trail guide when Lisa snapped this.  Good memories.


Now Ron - Lisa Ludwig
Now Ron, was that a right or a left at the big tree? by Lisa Ludwig



The Gifts!

Lisa showing off her prizes
Lisa Ludwig showing off her prizes – bow beanie, button coffee cozie, hag bag, hag tag


All the winners have been sent their gifts.  This Photo Contest was sponsored by Homemade Hippie who provided the grand prizes – a hooded cowl and bow beanie – and hand crocheted Button Coffee Cozies for all the runners up.  Winners also got Hag Luggage Tags and Lisa and Brigitte go a Hag Bag.  Pics below are of Lisa with her winners merch and pics of the prize







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