sony cyber-shot camera

Sony Cyber-shot Camera – Review

sony cyber-shot camera
Sony Cyber-Shot Camera affixed to the iPhone

The Sony Cyber-shot Camera model DSC-QX10 looks like a lens but is a complete camera in itself except for a viewfinder – or LCD screen.  A smartphone can provide the viewfinder. I purchased the Sony Cyber-shot online 30 seconds after I saw the news release.  And it was still back-ordered for 2 months.  This 18.2 Mega pixel camera with a 10X zoom can work by itself as a stand alone camera while you hold it in your hand or mount it on a tripod.  It also attaches to your iPhone or Android and can work in conjunction with the smartphones connecting via WiFi and a free mobile app.

Though it looks like a lens, it is a complete camera.


High Resolution & Zoom Capabilities Merge With Smartphone

When using the Cyber-shot with a smartphone, you snap the shot and a high resolution photo it is saved on a memory card inside the camera.  But the Cyber-shot also throws a lower resolution image onto to the smart phone for quick and easy uploading to social media channels.  The images that the Cyber-shot captures are have far more detail than images typically shot with a smartphone, and the zoom capabilities are leagues ahead of the blurry, low pixel images you get when you zoom in with a smartphone.


Ideal Camera for Travel and Sharing Images on Social Media Platforms

I love this camera when I’m traveling.  I find I rarely reach for my Canon DSLR when I have this with me.  Once attached it’s easy to hold and maneuver.  It’s inconspicuous and I can instantly share photos I take. The Cyber-shot also  takes video, though the video has to be downloaded from the memory card.

Personally, I love this little camera and think it’s well worth the investment.  The cost on line is $199 – $249.  It makes quick picture taking so much richer, and for social media practices, it provides much more flexibility with images.

BENEFITS: 10X zoom and interface with smartphone for social media purposes, can be charged easily in the car.

DISADVANTAGES: The app and Wifi connection can take time and for some, be cumbersome.  Also, the lithium ion battery inside the camera doesn’t last long.

I’ve listed a link for purchase as well as a few of my favorite camera “toys” in the Amazon Carousel below.



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