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Travel Hags – Campout at Elk Neck at the Head of the Chesapeake

The Travel Hags have scheduled a camp out for September 9-11 at Elk Neck State Park in Cecil County. Elk Neck is famous for being at the headwaters of the Chesapeake Bay, and for its scenic lighthouse at Turkey Point. So far Hags will be coming from Dorchester, Worcester, Somerset, Caroline and Wicomico Counties.

There is no sign-up process. Each hag makes her own reservations and pays her own way. Just meet at the park and join in the fun.

REMINDER:  What is a Travel Hag?  A wise woman with goddess attributes who loves to travel.  If this fits you – you’re a Travel Hag… and you can join us.  Hag men are welcome, but they must be invited by a hag and can’t expect to be the center of attention.

Friday evening, after setting up camp and moving into cabins, the Hags will get together around the campfire (provided burning ban is lifted – please, God send rain before then) for snacks and stories – maybe some ghost stories.

On Saturday, Hags who are interested will be setting out for the Chestertown Book Fair where they will participate in “Celebrating Literary Life on the Eastern Shore” …  meet some writers, shop, chat, explore and then have lunch overlooking the scenic Chester River in one of America’s most authentic colonial towns.

On the ride back from the Chestertown Book Festival, this Travel Hag will show the others two “haunted” sites along the way. Holly Hall and Old Bohemia. After the ghost stories are shared, Hags will head back to Elk Neck for a potluck dinner and more fun.

Elk Neck has scenic trails, kayaking, a beach, fishing, crabbing and a lighthouse tour.  Plus, locals will love seeing where the great Chesapeake Bay starts his flow into the Atlantic down below Norfolk, Virginia. Make your reservations soon so you’ll be sure to get a space.  The setting at Elk Neck is beautiful.

These adventures are a way for women – perhaps older, not especially athletic women – to meet other women and have fun visiting new places, having new travel experiences together.  There’s no charge other than whatever each guest pays directly for services, e.g. campsites, kayak rental, etc.  We make every effort to use local vendors.  So far, these Travel Hag Adventures have been rewarding.

If you’d like to attend and are on Facebook, visit the Travel Hag Campout at Elk Neck State Park event page.  There you can ask a question, see who else is attending and view my updates regarding the event.

Reservations for tents or campers are made online.  Find out more at the Elk Neck State Park website.





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One Comment

  1. Mindie,
    I will also be at the Chestertown Book Festival this weekend. Please stop by my table and say hello. Before you leave the park on Sunday, I hope you will walk out to the lighthouse and check out the Turkey Point Hawk Watch. A volunteer observer from the Cecil Bird Club will help you spot migrating hawks and the resident bald eagles. Hawk watchers staff the hawk watch every morning from Labor Day – Thanksgiving, weather permitting.

    Have fun at Elk Neck (I think you got your wish for rain!),