Mindie and her RFID Travel Vest for Women by SCOTTeVEST.
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Skip the Carry On – Get a SCOTTeVEST

SCOTTeVEST is a travel clothing company out of Idaho started twenty years ago by Scott and Laura Jordon. The company provides travel ware that helps men and women carry all their travel items – concealed in specially-sized pockets. Items are kept safe and organized, and they are spread out enough that they don’t “bulk up” the clothing. Style is still a thing with this clothing.

How about 16 specifically sized pockets in one vest that accommodate your smartphone, glasses, tablet, small laptop, meds, passport, money, credit cards, crystals (for those who require crystals whilst traveling), kindle, tissues, personal fan, magazine, folders with documents, perhaps even a change of clothes – – – and you don’t look like a pack rat when the pockets are filled?

Flying Sucks – Mostly

There’s almost nothing good about flying these days. One of the biggest burdens – REALLY – is the schlepping the carry-on AND the personal item throughout the airport – through security, from gate to gate catching connecting flights, then rushing to stow it in the bin above your seat so that you can get to things if you need them, and exit the plane in a timely manner. It’s also a hassle fumbling through your “personal item” – usually a large purse – trying to find all of your things.

SCOTTeVEST makes a whole line of clothing that makes carrying items that you need to have handy on your person, while traveling. The company’s motto is It’s not Rocket Science, it’s Pocket Science. I’m going to address one particular product they have that is ideal for Travel Hags.


SCOTTeVEST RFID Travel Vest for Women
SCOTTeVEST RFID Travel Vest for Women – photo from SCOTTeVEST website.

I got my first SCOTTeVEST as a gift when I attended the 2015 TBEX Conference (TBEX = Travel Bloggers Expo) in Bloomington, Indiana. All attendees received one. Mine was the current version of the Women’s Travel Vest in Khaki. I wore the thing everywhere. I bought red one a few years back and had our Thin Places Mystical Tours logo embroidered on it. I wear it almost every day when I’m leading a tour, and all days when I’m personally touring an area. And I never have to carry a bag. I can even wear it under a jacket.

On the Plane … Security and Access to Your Stuff is So Much Easier With a SCOTTeVest

SCOTTeVest RFID Women's Travel Vest - Back Pocket - keeps papers, folders, magazines to read on planes or even a light change of clothes.
SCOTTeVest RFID Women’s Travel Vest – Back Pocket – keeps papers, folders, magazines to read on planes or even a light change of clothes.

Everything I would have in a purse or “Personal Carry-on” I put in the SCOTTeVEST. That includes the following:

  • Large iPad Tablet
  • Kindle (paper white)
  • Magazines for reading on the plane
  • iPhone and charging pack
  • AirPods
  • Sun Glasses
  • Credit cards, passport, (zipped into the RFID Blocking Pocket – protects from cyber skimmers)
  • CASH both US dollars and EUROS / Pounds (if applicable)
  • Assorted Crystals (I sense you judging me)
  • Folders with crucial tour information, any docs needed for review
  • Tissues, small tube of lotion
  • small brush and comb
  • Medications

I check my bag(s) – mostly because I rarely have a direct flight and a small suitcase – even on wheels – is too cumbersome walking to gates, dragging through security, and storing in the overhead. I’ve grown to hate it. When I go through Security, I only need to remove the iPad from the vest and lay both the vest and iPad in the bins. Then throw the jacket back on – and move on. All pockets (except the back pocket) have instant, super easy access.

So Much Stuff – Organized, Accessible, All on Your Person

SCOTT3Vest RFID Travel Vest for Women - best option for a Travel Hag.
SCOTTeVEST – RFID Travel Vest for Women – best option for a Travel Hag.
(photo from SCOTTeVest website)

POCKETS: The vest has 18 pockets – five exterior and thirteen interior. The pockets are specifically designed to fit common travel items so that weight is carried evenly to prevent bulky bulges or the sagging. It is machine washable and comes in four colors – Black, Khaki, Red and Gray.

PRICE / SIZES – The vest lays flat, is lightweight, and very durable. It’s currently priced at $184. Women’s plus sizes are available … the largest size – M4 – is equal to a typical 3X.

18 POCKETS – The 18 Pockets include and RFID lapel inside pocket that guards against cyber skimmers, an eyeglass pocket with attached cleaning cloth, large pockets for iPad /lap sized from 9.7” (sizes M-XL) to 11” (sized M1-M4, Key Holder, small camera with SD Storage, iPhone and Power pack, AirPods. There is even a zippered pocket across the back that can hold magazines, folders, papers or a small change of clothes. The possibilities are endless.

Going through security is faster, getting things in my seat is easier and all my valuables are safer. ~Johnny Jett – Travel Writer and Influencer

Johnny Jett is one of my favorite sources for Travel Tips. He’s a big fan of the SCOTTeVEST products.

There’s more information about this vest and the other SCOTTeVEST products available at the SCOTTeVEST website.

DISCLOSURE: I am not an affiliate of SCOTTeVEST and am not being compensated by the company for this blog post, however, I do get a small commission if you purchase the vest on Amazon.com.


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