What is a Travel Hag?

What is a Travel Hag?
Travel Hag – Wise woman with goddess attributes


A travel hag is a wise woman with goddess attributes who loves to travel.

We’re going with the old Celtic traditional interpretation of the word “hag.”  Hags were revered and said to have great wisdom.  The hags were the healers, the mystics and leaders in thinking.  After Christianity took hold, a hag was considered a threat to the dominance of the Church, so they were referred to as witches and linked to evil.  Then your “warts on the nose”  – ugly image developed from that.

A hag would be confident in her own skin and not let the pop culture dictate her personal concept of beauty… yet, the beauty of the hag shines and overpowers any perceived physical imperfection.

So if you are a woman who loves to travel, and you consider (or strive to consider) yourself wise, confident, with goddess attributes – then you are a travel hag.

Every quarter my group of Travel Hags here in the Mid Atlantic do something fun together – a Travel Hag Adventure.  Please consider joining us.  Or have your own adventure, and send us pictures.  We’ll post them.

Here’s to all the great women who have led others, seen beyond what the physical world holds, feel beautiful in their own skin and love to experience new places – with girlfriends!

By the way, Hag men are always welcome on our Travel Hag Adventures – so long as they know they will not be the center of attention.

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