Travel Hag’s FTC Disclosure


The Federal Trade Commission requires that writers disclose when they are being paid or given an incentive to review or promote products.  I support this requirement and as a consumer believe that all writers should disclose when they’re being compensated for writing a review.

Currently I am not paid by any entity to review books, destinations, hotels, venues or travel vendors.  In most cases I pay for my travel out of pocket and I purchase products that I review.  In cases where I have been compensated for travel accommodations or venue admissions or been given products to review, I will disclose that in the body of writing.

It is likely that I am being paid a commission on the sale of products that are linked to my site – such as the Amazon carousel at the end of the blog post or affiliate links – and this is how I support the production of the blog.

If you have any questions about how I or other posters are being compensated through posts and links on the website, please feel free to inquire directly. 

Email mindie @ travel hag. com


Thank you for visiting my blog.  Here’s to all of us wonderful hags and hagmen who travel.


Mindie Burgoyne