Treylor Park on Bay Street, Savannah, GA
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Treylor Park in Savannah

Savannah Waterfront on New Years Eve 2022.

Southern Food With a Twist

I spent New Year’s Eve and the first day of 2023 in Savannah, Georgia. I had a hotel on Bay Street, one street from the waterfront pictured above. When I went looking for dinner, I was amused by the name of a small place near the hotel – Treylor Park. It had an image of a travel trailer on its sign. Obviously a play on words. There was a line for dinner but they had a lovely bar. So I left my name, ordered a Martini, and reviewed the menu. How could I not eat where the menu listed a “Grilled Apple Pie Sandwich with Chicken?”

Generous Martini - 3 olives! - served at Treylor Park in Savannah

The Martini? Wow! It was – STRONG – with three olives. It was a great intro to this diner-like, comfy eating place, where “Southern food with a twist” was the description given by owner Trey Wilder (now I get the “Trey-lor” part of the name) regarding the menu.

My table was ready before I finished my drink. I scanned the menu seeing Treylor Park Pot Pie, and Chicken and Pancake Tacos, and PB&J Chicken Wings. Oh, the possibilities! When I asked my server, Morgan, “What is the best tasting thing on this menu?” she said, “Nothing beats our shrimp. It’s fresh and full of flavor.” I asked for a side of simple grilled shrimp (not a dish on the menu) and they accommodated. The shrimp were fine.

Fresh grilled shrimp at Treylor Park, Savannah.
Special order of grilled shrimp at Treylor Park, Savannah.

I also decided that I couldn’t pass up a sandwich named “Grilled Apple Pie Sandwich with Chicken, which Morgan said was her personal favorite sandwich – so I ordered that as well.

The Apple Pie Sandwich with Chicken at Treylor Park - Savannah
The Apple Pie Sandwich with Chicken

The perfect blend of the smoky flavor of fried chicken breast and bacon, a sharp twang of cheddar cheese with a SUBTLE sweetness of apples and cinnamon. It’s all frames with a toasted Brioche and pitch jelly for dipping (the chef’s original recipe).

Morgan said that the Chicken & Pancake Tacos are one of the most popular dishes – super comfort food. And the PB&J Chicken Wings have been voted the “best wings in Georgia” by Esquire Magazine.

Sandwich listing on Treylor Park menu show the Apple Pie Sandwich
Sandwich listing on Treylor Park menu shows the Apple Pie Sandwich

The atmosphere is homey and friendly. According to Treylor Park’s website, they allow guests to bring their dogs into the beer garden (seasonal).

LOCATION – Bay Street
The location is very convenient. The restaurant sits on Bay Street just 2 blocks north of Reynolds Square where “The Pink House” is located, and one block south of River Street, which follows the Savannah River and where all of the restored cotton warehouses are located. It’s a beautiful Live Oak-lined walking area – very scenic and close to hotels and all of the Riverfront activities.


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