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16 Hags Paddled the Transquaking River – One got Towed

Our last Travel Hag Adventure was July 23rd when 15 hags and their hag-men met the outfitters where the Transquaking River is crossed by Drawbridge Road.  Travel hags came from the Eastern Shore, Washington DC and Pennsylvania.  About half those who met had little or no kayaking experience and most didn’t know each other before meeting.  This five-mile stretch of the Transquaking is known for being placid, providing a leisurely flat water paddle that takes about 3 hours.

We were to be picked up at DeCoursey Bridge, famous for being the place where Big Lizz emerges from the swamp with her severed head in her hand – eyes glowing red.  She motions people to come into the swamp where she’ll lead you to her master’s treasure.  So far no one who followed her was ever seen again.  We didn’t see Big Lizz, but the closer we got to DeCoursey Bridge, the rougher the current got.  It was a true test for kayakers.  Whitecaps were breaking over the bow of the kayak and all kayakers were soaked.

Travel Hag, Sandy finished the kayak run, but a got tow in the last stretch.
Travel Hag, Sandy finished the kayak run, but a got tow in the last stretch.

Only one couldn’t finish.  Charter Travel Hag, Sandy got a towed by the outfitter for the last part of the river.  She emerged safely and we all had great stories to tell.

After the paddle, we went to Old Salty’s Seafood restaurant in Hoopers Island and a the non-paddling hag-men joined us.

Travel Hags at Old Salty's in Hoopers Island

These adventures are a great way for women to meet each other, enjoy the outdoors and do some things – like kayaking – that they never believed they could do.  Join us for the next Travel Hag Adventure … The Elk Neck State Park Campout and Chestertown Bookfair on September 9 – 11.



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  1. What an adventure to share with friends…many whom you haven’t met before. Travel Hags provides a delightful menu of outdoor activities for “the rest of us”. I won’t be doing a triathlon…but I will kayak..even if I might need a tow.
    Yes we come in all ages & sizes..I’m the oldest, soon to be 70..& a great grandma this December. If I can do it (or almost do it) so can you!
    The Travel Hag Mindie rocks!

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