5 Awesome Travel Backpacks for Hags
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5 Awesome Travel Backpacks for Hags – Video

In this video, Travel Hag, Mindie Burgoyne shares 5 awesome travel backpacks she uses for travel and everyday use. Three are by Vera Bradley Company, one is by Sakroots and the fifth one is by Evecase and doubles as a camera bag.

5 Awesome Travel Backpacks Every Hag Can Use


This twenty-minute video goes through five travel backpacks possibilities, how to travel with all your necessary gear to be productive, but how to pack so that you aren’t weighed down or unprepared. Stay organized and enjoy the fine quality of these bags.

For more information on these 5 awesome travel backpacks, see the links below.

1. Sakroots Artist Circle Utility Daypack Backpack

2. Vera Bradley Tech Backpack

3. Evecase Convertible School / DSLR Camera Lens Canvas Backpack

4. Vera Bradley Lighten Up Grande Backpack

5. Vera Bradley Ultimate Backpack


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