Mindie Burgoyne kayaking on Dividing Creek
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Bra + Kayaking = Major Discomfort

The older I get, the more I hate having to wear a bra. In fact, wearing a bra when you’re kayaking for hours gets old. Like many women, I am adept at unhooking the bra, sliding my arms out of the straps under my shirt and flinging the bra where-ever. This is most often done in the privacy of my home, but I’ve also been known to de-bra myself in our car, friends houses, and other places of where I feel the company present won’t be offended.

My grown children have never gotten used to this practice, and it still embarrasses them.

I did the “de-bra” thing on this kayaking trip to Dividing Creek, relatively early in the paddling process. Because it was winter, I was wearing many layers and the bra was too much. Rather than flinging it into the kayak, I kept it under my clothing.

As mentioned in the post, Winter Kayaking on Dividing Creek, our friends Cathy and Bob happened to be sitting on the dock at Winter Quarters when we paddled in at the conclusion of our kayaking trip.

I had forgotten all about the process of taking off my bra, which by now was unsecured under my shirt. Bob and Cathy came over to the ramp to help us pull our kayaks up. Dan pulled his in right behind mine and Bob walked down the ramp, extending his hand to help me out of the kayak.

As I stepped away from the kayak, Bob said, “Uh… Mindie … uh … I think you lost something there … in the water.” I looked over to see my flesh-toned C-cups atop the murky Pocomoke River ebbing away from me and the kayaks.

Dan rescued the bra.

Bob said, “What have you two been doing out there?”


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