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Kayaking – How Difficult is it?

This week, a friend interested in attending our Travel Hag Campout expressed hesitation about kayaking.  She’s over 50, never been kayaking and isn’t a strong swimmer.  Because I knew the trail at Janes Island was calm, and that she’d be with about a dozen paddlers – and would have all the necessary safety equipment, I encouraged her to give it a try.

Kayaking on flat water is something almost anyone can do easily.  The hardest thing about kayaking is getting in and getting out.  The benefits of operating a personal watercraft in such scenic settings as we have on the Eastern Shore are too many to mention here.  Well save that for subsequent posts.  This video shows two travel hags both over 60 with health challenges, getting into a kayak for the first time … and loving it.

IMPORTANT: First time paddlers should wear a life jacket. Don’t temp fate. Also, first timers shouldn’t go alone. Remember and outfitter who rents kayaks is a tremendous help. Use that resource.


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  1. I love this video. It brings back fantastic memories of my first kayaking adventure.
    Travel Hags ROCK!!!

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