Peter Beerits sculpture at Nervous Nellie's Deer Isle Maine
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Nervous Nellies – Woodland Wonderland in Maine

Nervous Nellie’s in Deer Isle, Maine ships homemade jams, jellies, and chutneys but is also a woodland of sculptures by Peter Beerits made from refuse and cast off garbage. If you’re visiting the Acadia region in Maine and looking for an unusual place that offers a fun and memorable experience for the whole family, consider a day trip to Deer Isle and stop in at Nervous Nellie’s.

Jams, Jelly, Chutney and the Sculptures of Peter Beerits

Nervous Nellies on Deer Isle in Maine’s mid coastal region is not only the home base for this mail-order outfit that ships homemade jams, jellies and chutneys all over North America. It’s also a woodland wonderland filled with the sculptures of artist, Peter Beerits that kids and parents – or anyone with a keen imagination – can enjoy for hours.

Peter Beerits began selling jams and jellies made from local produce in Maine thirty years ago. Today, Nervous Nellies produces over a dozen varieties of these delicious condiments along with made-in-Maine gift items, pet treats, and pottery.

But there is a lot more to experience at the actual business location, and its so worth a visit.

Peter Beerits sculpture at Nervous Nellie's Deer Isle Maine

Sculptures Made from Refuse

Dan and I took our 11-year-old twin granddaughters with us to Maine for a one-week camper (really RV) excursion in Stonington, Maine. We camped right on Webb Cove, which emptied out into the Atlantic Ocean. When I asked the campground staff what might be fun to do on day trips, one of the guides suggested Nervous Nellie’s.  I didn’t think the girls would be interested in a boutique food store, but the guide said, “No. it’s different. It’s owned by an artist who makes sculptures from trash and they’re all over the grounds and in the forest. It’s fascinating.”


She was right. Artist Peter Beerits has created a fantasy world out of things cast off as junk or garbage. This includes old buildings, cars, motor parts and wood.  There’s a saloon with cowboys, a jail and a fortune teller complete with a crystal ball and tarot cards. A walk through the forest includes passing an armored knight and his dragon, banjo players, witches and a castle with knights and the holy grail.

A Tea Room and Shop

The shop is darling. There’s something about Maine that either attracts artists or brings out the artist in people – or both. The shop is full of Maine-made art items and foods. You can taste the jams and chutneys and relax at a table while you have a cup of tea. There’s even a fun sandbox for the little ones to play in just off the tea room, and a deck outside the tea room where one can play chess with a 7 foot tall deer.

Everything about Nervous Nellie’s is fun. We can’t wait to go back.

Nervous Nellie’s
598 Sunshine Road
Deer Isle, ME 04627



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