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My Name is Mindie B. and I’m a Vera Bradley Addict

I admit it. I am a Vera Bradley addict – a Vera Bradley freak. My 30-something children all make fun of my flowery, paisley, vibrantly colored quilted bags that I carry around everywhere. I had to unsubscribe from Brad’s Deals because they feature a Vera Bradley sale every two weeks that I couldn’t resist. And that was after I unsubscribed from the Vera Bradley website, which sent out coupons and alerts about new exciting stuff to it’s “website members.”

I’d be checking my email at business meetings, then secretly following the link to Vera Bradley deals…. just to see what was new. You know.. just looking. Then I’d find myself trying to inconspicuously pull out my credit card and pretend to be typing an email whilst I was ordering a new Carryall Crossbody in Heather. 

I so love the Heather pattern.

This is behavior so unbecoming to a business professional. So I’ve unsubscribed. I’ve stopped looking.

Except for when I occasionally relapse.

Like today.


Vera Bradley Cargo Sling Crossbody in Petal Paisley
Vera Bradley Cargo Sling Crossbody in Petal Paisley

I needed to replace a bag that I took to Ireland last month. I allowed my dear husband, Dan Burgoyne to use my Cargo Sling Crossbody in Petal Paisley (pictured above) as a puke bag on a ferry ride to the Aran Islands. He was pitiful…. all sick and green. And the boat was pitching and tossing so violently that no one could move from their seats – not even the deckhands and crew.

My poor husband – who never gets seasick, by the way – was sweating and suffering silently in his seat. He wanted to get up and move to the rail, but with the way people were being tossed about – including being thrown out of their seats at one point, I wouldn’t let him move to the rail and puke over the side. So to save my hubby the embarrassment of puking all over the floor, I quickly emptied my Vera bag and passed it over to him.  And the inevitable happened. Bye-bye Cargo Sling bag in Petal Paisley.

Upon exiting the ferry, I threw it in a nearby dumpster.

So I deserve a new one …. right?  I clicked over to the Vera Bradley website and there – on the front page was a giant blue block stating SUMMER SALE 40% OFF  SELECT PATTERNS. Petal Paisley  was on the list. OMG.

I found my Cargo Sling on sale for $61 (40% off).  So I did what any alcoholic (who was only going to have “one drink”) would do…. I bought it. And then I kept on browsing… telling myself all the time that it wouldn’t hurt to look.

Then I found a Jewelry Case in Heather for $20.40. I needed that. I added it to my cart. Oh …. and then I saw it’s matching Hanging Travel Organizer in Heather for only $28.80 and thought of how old and unattractive my Rick Steves Travel Organizer had become. I added that to my cart too. I tried to stop but when I saw Vera Bradley’s most popular product in my (soon to be discontinued pattern) – the  Crossbody Hipster in Heather, on sale for $36 (down from $60). Yep — added that too.

Vera Bradley Hipster Crossbody in Heather
Vera Bradley Hipster Crossbody in Heather

I was in the zone, off the wagon… on a binge.

I started looking at luggage, backpacks, diaper bags, mini-hipsters. I checked every “on-sale” pattern. A half hour passed before I clicked over to brief cases and found what I had said “NO NO NO” to so many times because of its $98 price tag.

Vera Bradley Work Tote in African Violet
Vera Bradley Work Tote in African Violet

The Work Tote in African Violet (my second favorite Vera pattern). It was down to $58.80. This is that fabulous tote that has a protective liner and slot for your laptop along with a Trolley Sleeve so you can slide over the trolley handle on your carry-on luggage and have it rest securely there instead of on your shoulder.  CLICK!

Vera Bradley Work Tote showing Trolley Sleeve
Vera Bradley Work Tote showing Trolley Sleeve


Then…. I officially hated myself. I was disgusted that I had no self-control. Why can’t I just say NO to Vera Bradley?

But seeing as how I was already in the depths of relapse and had five items in my Vera Bradley online Shopping Bag I figured I’d throw in a Beach Towel in Palm Feathers since I so love the beach and a fresh, new, pretty towel always makes me happy.

I try to tell my husband that you’re not paying just for an item. You’re paying for how you feel when you use it. This is how I justify the “need” vs. “want” argument.

I figure I’m going to feel fabulous with a new Hipster, Cargo Sling, jewelry case, travel organizer, Work Tote and beach towel.

Vera Bradley Beach Towel in Palm Feathers
Vera Bradley Beach Towel in Palm Feathers

Why Do I Love Vera Bradley Bags So Much?

I probably have over twenty Vera Bradley bags and some I use more than others. Some I’ve worn out, but can’t let go. I’ve even given some that were like new to friends. I love the bags because of their pockets and organizational structure. I can organize the stuff I have to schlep around with me  – 2 cell phones, a laptop, an iPad, battery chargers, cameras, notebooks, medications, receipts, makeup, hair brush, keys, wallet, State ID, passport… the list goes on.

Vera Bradley gets how women carry stuff. And understands a woman’s need to keep that stuff safe, dry and easy to find.

I travel a lot and it’s easier to keep things in one bag or two. I keep everything organized in a large bag (like the Work Tote), and when I need a smaller bag, I relocate only the necessities to my Hipster or smaller bag. Switching back and forth is easy. And with this methodology, I’m less inclined in my hurried state to have everything all jumbled together in a tangled pile.

Vera Bradley bags make it so easy to organize and stay organized, and the bags are durable and strong.

And the added extras like a trolley sleeve or outside pockets to hold cell phones and cameras are a bonus.

I do recognize, however, that I must exert a  self-control.

But then … there are worse addictions.

So here’s to Hipsters and Totes and Carryalls.  I haven’t even told you yet about the Backpacks …. OMG!





  1. Hilarious!!!! Now I want to go on the website and shop like crazy, too!

  2. Valrae Goglio MacDonald

    Love this, Mindie, though am moourning the loss of the VB bag used as barf bag. I always carry quart sized ziplocs for any and all reasons—i.e. rough sea voyages, for sure!!! I am still receiving VB emails, but try very hard to only check them out when I know that I have money burning a hole in my pocket!!! Art has put me on a budget and I am trying really hard to adhere to it!!! I have no reason to need all the VB items that I purchased, aS I don’t hardly travel at all. I think that I am just mesmerized by the brilliant colors and patterns—blame it on my Hungarian heritage—maybe some Gypsy blood??? Anyway, I truly understand and identify with this addiction, just not sure how to quell it!!! And, as you said, it could be worse—we could be serial killers!!!

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