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#15 Visit Teackle Mansion

Teackle Mansion - Princess Anne, MD

  There is nothing quite like Teackle Mansion Part of the 100 Things to Do Between the Bridge and the Beach series   Of all the fabulous mansions and plantations, gorgeous architecture and  historically intact buildings located on the Eastern Shore, there is nothing like Teackle Mansion that is open […]


The Holy Island of Lindisfarne – a place of Resurrection

Lindisfarne Castle - Northumbria UK

The holy island of Lindisfarne in upper west corner of England is destination that will feed the pilgrim’s soul.  No one knows how it got its name and the history of this little two by three mile tidal island occupying about 1000 acres is a mystery prior to the seventh […]


#14 Take a Walk Down High Street in Cambridge MD

#14 Take a Walk Down High Street in Cambridge MD

Everyone who reaches the beach by way of Route 50 drives through Cambridge. It’s the town with the big sail on the building that sits at the base of the Choptank River Bridge. That landmark let’s the vacationer bound for the Atlantic beaches know there’s almost there – just one […]


Meatloaf with a New Taste – Hard Boiled Eggs

Meatloaf with hard-cooked egg inside.

Meatloaf has been popular on American dinner tables since the Great Depression. Using cheaper cuts of meat, ground with a hand grinder and mixing in grains or breadcrumbs as a binder stretched the family food budget.   As I was flipping through the 1964 edition of My Favorite Maryland Recipes by […]


#13 See Tallulah Bankhead’s Grave

Tallulah Bankhead's grave at St. Paul's Church in Chestertown

Movie star, Tallulah Bankhead was born in 1902 in Huntsville, AL. After a successful career in Hollywood where she was known for salty language, outspokenness and seriously hard living (cigarettes, booze and drugs), Tallulah ended up with emphysema and went to stay with her sister, Eugenie who lived in Rock […]


Sony Cyber-shot Camera – Review

Sony Cyber-Shor Camera affixed to the iPhone

The Sony Cyber-shot Camera model DSC-QX10 looks like a lens but is a complete camera in itself except for a viewfinder – or LCD screen.  A smartphone can provide the viewfinder. I purchased the Sony Cyber-shot online 30 seconds after I saw the news release.  And it was still back-ordered […]


Hot Fried Oysters and Chesapeake Gold

Johnny Shockley of Chesapeake Gold Oysters

Take a look at the only man who convinced me to eat a raw oyster since my grandfather did 50 years ago. And with Granddaddy, it was like a test. If he pulled a fresh oyster out of the Patuxent River and opened it with his knife and said, “Now […]


A Bike Ride to Mount Misery – Hello, Rummy!

A Bike Ride to Mount Misery – Hello, Rummy!

The Eastern Shore has some of the best roads for biking in America. They’re flat, scenic and hardly traveled by motor vehicles. The day after our Travel Hag bike ride through St. Michaels and Oxford I took a solo ride outside of town. Just me and my Trek Shift 1. […]


Mom Mom’s Crab Soup – Recipe from the Old Eastern Shore

Mom Mom’s Crab Soup – Recipe from the Old Eastern Shore

Recipes for cooking and serving Chesapeake Blue Crabs fill hundreds of cookbooks. This unusual recipe for Crab Soup is over 100 years old and was retrieved from the Folklore Collection at the Nabb Rearch Center at Salisbury University. The recipe was submitted as part of a University assignment for student […]


7 Fun Things to Do When it Snows in Maryland

photo Courtesy of Husky Power Dog Sledding

Maryland, small as it is has a diverse landscape – flat farm lands on the Eastern Shore and mountains in the west. Here are 7 quintessential experiences one can have when it snows. Dogsledding – who knew? One doesn’t have to go to Alaska to see (or participate in) dogsledding.  […]


The Henry’s “Colored” Hotel – An Ocean City Ghost Story

The Henry Hotel - aka "Henry's Colored Hotel"

The old Henry Hotel still sits vacant at the corner of Baltimore and South Division Street in Ocean City, Maryland.  Most people would never notice this three story, 20-roomed hotel, covered with brown shingles across from Trimper’s Rides.  The entire hotel is about the size of most single family homes […]


Travel Hag Talbot Bike Ride – St. Michaels – Easton – Oxford

Travel Hag Talbot Bike Ride – St. Michaels – Easton – Oxford

Join the Travel Hag Biking adventure through three of the prettiest historic towns in Talbot County – and the Eastern Shore.  What could be better than biking on flat, unbusy roads that weave in and out of towns filled with shopping, great food, art, historic architecture and tree-lined streets?  This […]